General terms and conditions Davotes


Davotes assumes that you know these conditions if you enter into a collaboration with Davotes or register for an education, course, or workshop.



These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements between 'Davotes' and 'Participant'. The participant is defined as any individual or legal person who actually participates in training, courses and other forms of education and training.



 The agreement is concluded when the Participant has registered. Enrolment for a course, workshop or training takes place through the registration form via the Davotes website. The registration is final when the Participant has received a digital confirmation of receipt from Davotes. Registrations will be processed in the order of entry. An interview and / or letter of motivation can be requested at registration. Davotes has the right to refuse registrations without giving any reason. The Participant has the right to terminate the agreement without giving any reason within 14 working days after the conclusion of the agreement.



Cancellation must be sent digitally by the Participant to Davotes. The date of receipt is the date of cancellation. In case of cancellation by the Participant from September 8,2023 up to 30 calendar days before the start of the training, workshop or course with Heather Plett, 30% of the total amount will be charged. Up to 7 days before the start of the training, workshop or course 75% will be charged and in case of cancellation 7 days or less before the start date the Participant is charged 100% of the total amount. If the Participant does not appear at the course, workshop or training and has not cancelled the participation, the entire amount will be charged. In case of payment by a third party, the Participant remains responsible for paying the full amount. If the Participant themselves can find replacement that meets the conditions, only the administration costs will be charged. If the Participant is absent for one or more days, no refund will be given.

If the reason for absence is due to compelling private circumstances, it can be checked in consultation with Davotes whether there will be an opportunity to catch up on the missed day in a subsequent course, training or workshop.  Advance the course or catch up with an other course is after the subsequent course no longer possible. Refund is no longer possible after the start of the training, course or workshop.

A course can only be taken as a whole. A missed course can be overtaken in the subsequent course after consultation, provided when there is a place free. Interrupting and continuing a training in the subsequent training group is only possible after consultation.

If the participant is allowed to interrupt a training program and wants to complete the training program in a subsequent group, the full costs for one study program will be charged first, plus 20% extra.



Payment must be made within the payment term (indicated on the invoice) and before the start of the training, course or workshop by bank transfer. This also forms the guarantee for participation. Paying too late can ensure that the place of the Participant is passed on to someone else from the waiting list, but does not release the Participant from the payment obligation. An exception to the payment term can occur if there is a payment arrangement (spread payment is possible in consultation). Coffee, tea, course material and lunch are included in the training, course or workshop.


Cancel and changes by Davotes

All workshops, courses or training courses are held subject to sufficient registrations. Davotes reserves the right to cancel a course or to postpone it to a later date in case of insufficient participation, force majeure or other compelling reasons. Davotes also reserves the right to adjust the course times, teacher (with the same expertise and knowledge), curriculum and / or location in unforeseen circumstances. The student will receive a message about this as soon as possible before the start of the course.


Davotes does not accept any responsibility for any damage resulting from this cancellation. Davotes may unilaterally change these terms and conditions if necessary. Davotes must publish these changes on the website immediately.


Starting and concluding a course

There are no prior education requirements for the workshops and courses. Participation on the year-education can only take place if the Participant has taken the basic course at Davotes.

Participation in the workshop, course or training is concluded with a certificate after full participation. Upon completion of the study program, an overall assessment is made of whether the Participant gives a good expression of the content and level of the program. If the Participant has attended less than 80%, it will be checked whether compensatory agreements can be made. Davotes will always act according to the ability to certify the Participant. Davotes reserves the right to terminate participation of the Participant if there are good reasons for doing so.


Safety and well-being

The trainers / teachers within Davotes are experienced in guiding individuals and groups and put the safety and integrity of the Participant first. The Participant is at all times responsible for his / her own well-being. The systemic dialogical work is offered in a course form and contains aspects of personal development. Participants are responsible for their own well being. The course has no therapeutic goal and is in no way a replacement for therapy.


The trainers / teachers of Davotes conform to the following code of ethics:

• Show respect for the dignity and integrity of the Participant in word and deed.

• Strictly observe confidentiality.

• Will take care of the education / course / workshop with great care and create a positive learning environment in which the Participant and client are respected.

• Always strive for preservation and development of the Participant's autonomy (self-rule).

• Only issue certificates to Participants who deal ethically with the teaching material supplied to them and always act in order to be able to certify this Participant in the future.

• Continue to develop professionally through intervision, supervision, workshops, seminars and training.



The trainers / teachers of Davotes guarantee that everything that is shared by the Participant during the training, workshop or seminar in personal confidence is treated with the utmost respect and trust and that the trainers have a duty of silence. Nothing is brought out or discussed with third parties, unless these third parties are fellow trainers involved with Davotes. The Participant is also expected not to speak about other people’s personal issues with third parties. The Participant is of course free to share his / her own processes with others.



If there are complaints about the course, training or workshop or about the trainer (s) / teachers, the Participant can report this complaint in writing to Davotes. Davotes will send a confirmation of receipt after receiving this complaint within 2 working days and will deal with this complaint as soon as possible, with a deadline of 4 weeks. Should the handling of the complaint take longer than expected, then Davotes will specify a new term within which the Participant can expect resolution. The complaint will always be treated confidentially. Davotes will take every effort to find a solution to the complete satisfaction of all parties, but should this not be possible despite all efforts, Davotes will hire a third party, who’s  independent and appointed by Stichting The decision of this party is binding on both Davotes and the Participant and will be dealt with promptly. The mediation costs incurred for engaging a third party will be borne by the party who has been unsuccessful after the judgment. The file that has been created to register the complaint and in which the handling is described, is kept for 2 years.


Terms of correspondence

Questions of an administrative nature or with regard to the course / workshop / training will be answered within 5 working days. For questions that require a longer processing time, the Participant receives a confirmation of receipt within 5 days with an indication when the Participant can expect a detailed answer.


Copyright ownership

The copyright on the course material and training material and the other materials provided in the course, workshop or training are held by Davotes. Without the written consent of Davotes, no data from and / or parts and / or excerpts from the provided course material may be published or reproduced in any way whatsoever.


June 2023